Year´s best Austrian Wines - Wine&Spirits Magazin N.Y.

RIED PFAFFENBERG Erste Lage Riesling Reserve 2017; RIED LINDBERG Erste Lage Grüner Veltliner Reserve 2017

Wine and Spirits Magazine N.Y.:
95/ SALOMON UNDHOF  RIED PFAFFENBERG 2017 Erste Lage Riesling Reserve Kremstal dac. This ist arrestingly beautiful from the very first whiff, teasing with the delicate fragrance of peaches and lime blossoms. ....... how can anything hold such a cacophony of flavours and nt be heavy? Well, taste it and see.
94/ SALOMON UNDHOF  RIED LINDBERG 2017 Erste Lage Grüner Veltliner Reserve Kremstal dac. .....powerful yet precise. The variety´s spice sparks the sweet fruit flavours - white peach and pear notes riding over a rich earthiness - while the acidity keeps everything knit tight....