Here in Stein/Donau, where the winegrowing areas Kremstal and Wachau are interlocked, the soil  offers a fascinating array of  pimary rock terroirs (Urgestein) such as gneis, granite and schist as well as partly loess.

Ideal climate: The winters are cold and the summers are warm, there are sharp temperature differences between day and night. Sunshine is plentiful and rain is scarce, creating the ideal conditions for grape growing in this lovely river valley.
The symbiosis of ancient stone soils and loess with the Danube-influenced microclimate and old vineyard terraces yields the optimal growth conditions for aromatic, elegant white wines.

These excellenet sites are defined over hundreds of years through meagre soil and steep south facing stone terraces. All of the top vineyard sites of the domaine are included in the vineyard classification of the Danube region with the designation of Erste Lage Ă–TW.